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Product Updates Underway?

  • KiwiAli

    I've searched this site and openworkbench.org and cannot find any information about a Product Roadmap for OWB.  All of the bugs, feature requests, etc. are assigned to Nobody; does this mean there is no development underway?

    If it helps, I can say I know nothing about J2EE, but would be more than happy to become a beta tester.

    My employer is a Clarity user currently supporting both OWB and MSP, which I think is a big mistake. I think it would go some way to helping me get rid of MSP from the organisation if I could show a roadmap of new features, etc. that are planned for OWB.

    I find it hard to believe the latest production version of this great product has been out for nearly 2 years and no update releases are planned.

    Any info? Anyone?

    • Bjoern Sjut
      Bjoern Sjut

      I agree, it's a bit disappointing to see how the development seems to have come to a stand still.

      A product roadmap would be very much appreciated.


    • Hey,

      I've been using OWBooster to maintain my updates tot he source code (the java source code anyways).  If the members of the OpenWorkbench project or others would like to join it, please feel free.  Otherwise, if you wouldn't mind, I'd be glad to maintain the source code ont his project if I had the administrative rights.


      Hope to hear form you soon,