Platform independance

  • martin-jonik

    I am a java programmer working within an open source java project (using CVS) in the Netbeans IDE. We wish to remain platform independent. However, when downloading the application, the prerequisite states that I must have Visual Studio 2003, does this mean that we are no-longer going to be platform independent? I suspect not but I must ask!

    In any event, I would like to export data into the Open workbench tool. As such I am interested in building up the XML structure by accessing to the open workbench data objects. Do I need Visual Studio even if I am only intending on using the data objects and not adding to the open source core open workbench functionality?

    Finally, I guess I was expecting to download a .jar file which contains the data objects for me to play with. Does this come when we purchase the Toolkit and Grid object components from Rogue Wave?

    Currently I am wishing to identify any issues before committing to use the product.
    I really appreciate any help anyone can provide to get me going here.

    Best Regards

    Martin Jonik

    • Dan Dumbrill
      Dan Dumbrill

      Platform independance would be nice but the current and previous incarnations of this product are not platform independent.  As more developers gain an interest in the product I expect it will move in a platform independent direction.

      With regards to your other questions, the native & XML persistence layers are written in Java.  In fact, I beleive another developer has created a shell around these persistence layers to create at least one other file format.  I'm sorry I don't have more details on who it was or what the new format is.  Maybe they will respond to your post.  So the short answer is: If you need to build and debug the entire product the 3rd party tools are necessary but if you only want to play with the persistence then all you need is a JDK.