EP250 BSP 0.2.2 released

This is Board Support Package (BSP) for ETC WEP EP250 board for Windows CE .NET.

Changes since 0.2.1 release:
* Enable smart low power mode on both codec and PLL. (Daniel Samek)
* Added PLATFORMTYPE & OEMINFO setting to fds driver. (Daniel Samek)
* Added fds driver, which saved eeprom firmware data to windows registry. (Daniel Samek)
* Added support for IrDA and Bluetooth (patch 780835 and 787966, Juraj Fabo).
* Disabled Obex for IrDA (patch 788073, Juraj Fabo).

Homepage: http://openwince.sourceforge.net/EP250/

Marcel Telka

Posted by Marcel Telka 2003-08-25