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Limited opportunity

You can see OpenWikiNG working on a Windows 7 64-bit platform at:

This is a temporary site, and may be down occasionally.

Posted by Gordon Bamber 2012-09-03

Website closed

The website is closed!

So now OWNG only live here at sourceforge.

Note that the version for download have difficulties to run on a Win2k3 server! I will shortly make the previous version avaiable for download as that version runs ok on a win2k3 server.


Posted by sEi 2008-01-27

New pre-alpha version 2007 for download

A new pre-alpha version 2007 is now ready for download.

Go to and get the new version.


Posted by sEi 2007-03-06 is now LIVE

The project now use the domain:

Please visit:

You are welcome to use the wiki and forums

NOTE: The old forum is closed but still online!


Posted by sEi 2005-11-13

First release will be OpenWiki2004

The OpenWikiNG project developers are steadily working towards the first public release, which will be called OpenWiki2004.

There are so many new features, that internal testing will only go to Alpha, and then a public test phase will begin. There will be an upgrade path for previous OpenWiki 'Classic' users.

Check out the free public forum at to see what we are up to.... read more

Posted by Gordon Bamber 2004-08-05

Public email for OpenWikiNG

All enquiries to the team can be sent to

Posted by Gordon Bamber 2004-06-26

Public Forum created

The Invision forum is at Feel free to join and have your say!

Posted by Gordon Bamber 2004-06-18

New plugin, Documentation updated

The PageHits plugin is now operational and in CVS. This plugin displays a 'page views - n' at the foot of each page, and adds a number of macros.

2 new documents have been added to the project, and the plugins architecture document has been updated and tidied up.


Posted by Gordon Bamber 2004-06-17

OpenWikiNG Development is underway

There is real programming going on, with regular updates to the CVS fork openwiking.

I am keeping a summary changelog at - this is the development /testing server.

So far, most of the changes have been 'plugins' which are turned off be default on the dev server.

The current work involves adding the various extensions seen on read more

Posted by Gordon Bamber 2004-06-16

The Future of OpenWikiNG

There follows an email sent to people who left their email address on the OpenWiki site.


At some stage you visited the site and left your email address.

OpenWiki has been languishing recently. This email is to invite you to become
involved in a SourceForge project to develop the code further.

OpenWiki is Laurens Pits brainchild, an ASP version of the programme first coded in 1994 by Ward Cunningham [see for history]. Laurens specifically wanted to keep content and presentation separate in his Wiki, and crafted it so that Wiki pages are served up in XML, which is then transformed via XSLT.... read more

Posted by prob 2004-03-09