OpenWFE 1.5.4 released

OpenWFE is an open source java workflow engine. It is a complete Business Process Management suite, with 4 components : an engine, a worklist, a webclient and a reactor (host for automatic agents). OpenWFE 1.5.4 brings many improvements : a new and enhanced library for storing flows and workitems in a database, new boolean functions, an improved embeddable set of POJOs (engine + worklist), a system for submitting forms per email, a way of storing java beans into workitems, a simplified 'if' syntax and lots of bug fixes. All these features make OpenWFE a very rich and flexible open source workflow/BPM system, with a no-nonsense attitude. The next release will add an undo/transaction system to the engine.

Posted by John Mettraux 2005-07-29