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Status finally changed to "Alpha"

I felt as it is was time to do it: The Development Status of the OpenWebBuilder project is now offically categorized as "Alpha" ("Pre-Alpha" was the previous state)!

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-05-19

NNTP access to web-based Community forum

We are proud to annouce that we can now provide Newsgroup access via the NNTP protocol to our web-based Community discussion forums, using the Papercut software (thanks Joao Prado Maia!)

Just use the host name "" in your favourite Newsgroup Client, or click on the following link: news://

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-04-24

Mailinglists now synchronized with Phorum

I'm happy to announce that after a lot of work I finally managed to setup a working PhorumMail script in combination with a mailinglist, what means that the new developer mailinglist will now be synchronized with the web-based discussion forum.

See for more information.

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-04-07

Latest CVS Snapshot released

For those of you, who missed the weekly cvs snapshots in the last months, there is good news: Today we released one, and beginning from today we again will release one each sunday. Please Note: If you already tried another cvs snapshot on a machine, it is recommended to delete the HKLM\OpenWebBuilder key in the registry and all it's subkeys, before trying the new snapshot (this way OWB will show the configuration wizard again).

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-02-29

Forum RSS Feed

For everybody who loves RSS Feeds ;-) (like me), here comes a feed, which will deliever the latest posts from the Community Forum directly to your feed reader:

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-02-06

Community Portal now running on a new server

The Community Portal has no moved from SourceForge.Net to the server which also hosts, so hopefully speed as improved a bit. The URI is still

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-02-04

News RSS Feed available

A RSS news feed for the OpenWebBuilder project news is now available. Just subscribe in you favourite news reader to
If you are a Klipfolio user, please note there is a FeedViewer Klip, which will read RSS Feeds:

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-01-24

Documentation: How to create Language References for OWB

Juergen now finished his documentation on how to create Language References for OpenWebBuilder. Currently it is only available in German:
Bevor you begin writing a Language Reference, pease inform you (e.g. in the Developer Forum ( whether anybody else is perhaps already creating a reference for this language.

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-01-23

OWB Translator Project

Manuel now began the work on a tool, which's aim is to support people translating the OpenWebBuilder Language Files.
We appreciate your feedback and hope you will help us translating OpenWebBuilder to other languages.
Bugs / Feature Requests can be reported by using the tracker, sub project "OWB Tools".

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-01-15

New Community Portal up and running

The new community portal of the OpenWebBuilder project, including a new bug-/feature tracker and a new discussion forum is now available at

Posted by Michael Elsdoerfer 2004-01-10