Hello people,
I read many posts about this problem, but I did not find any solutions.
I installed open vpn on a windows 2003 server (I used the openvpn gui for windows installer, then I also tried the "classic" vpn) and I configured a windows xp machine as a client.
The problems are:
- with the default configuration, the server take the first ip of subnet that is Reading the logs I noticed the server took while the client! For sure they cannot ping each other! The server config file was right (about weird thing is that sometime it worked! (ping). Then I reinstalled without open gui but it still keep not working.
- in the server log windows, I see an error like "FlushIpNetTable failed on interface...": what is it?
- I never succeded in creating 2 client certificates! I always followed howto web page on openvpn site: everything went ok as far as creating the 2nd client certificate. I get this error "openvpn TXT_DB error 2".

Some months ago I used openvpn without any problems, Im experiencing these problems with these latest "point release".
Please, anyone can help with these 3 problems?
Contact me via email if you prefer.
Thanks very much.