Adito 0.9.0 released

First version of Adito (0.9.0) has been released.


v0.9.0 (25.5.2008):

* Due to trademark issues all references to SSL-Explorer have been replaced with references to Adito. This includes Java variable names.

* Most references to 3sp - with the exception of copyright notices - have been removed.

* User-interface icons, which 3sp had licensed from a third party have been replaced with freely distributable Tango icons and icons derived from them.

* Adito Agent Java1 compilation has been disabled in $ADITO_HOME/adito-agent/build.xml. Otherwise the building the Adito Agent would fail.

* Fixed permission problems in $ADITO_HOME/adito/install/platforms. The necessary files were not executable and thus starting Adito would fail.

* Removed supportOptions.html.

Posted by mattock 2008-05-25