Adito 0.9.1 released

  • mattock

    Adito 0.9.1 is now released and available from here:


    Installation instructions in will be updated shortly.


    CHANGES FROM 0.9.0

    Major new features:

    * Nearly all existing SSL-Explorer applications have been converted to Adito
    * Extension Store available and enabled by default
    * Source and binary releases
    * Localization support using adito-language module
    * Finnish translation
    * Most wrapper problems now fixed for good
    * SSL-Explorer PAM converted to Adito

    Lots of fixes to build files:

    * Building Adito is much simpler and less error-prone
    * Better SVN compatibility
    * Building on Mac OS X (10.4/10.5) now works
    * Moved most property definitions to a global
    * Lots of other small improvements to the build files

    Other changes:

    * A couple of graphical fixes
    * Removed most references to "Enterprise Edition"
    * Removed some references to 3sp where appropriate
    * Allowed use of longer username (e.g. email addresses)
    * Added some SSL-Explorer -> Adito conversion scripts to "tools" directory
    * Lots and lots of documentation written to Adito Wiki (
    * Lots of infrastructure and community building work