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OpenVPN Admin 2.0 Beta (aka 1.9.1) released

This is a BETA release from OpenVPN-Admin 2. Please help us to test it and when you found a problem report it to the SF bug tracker.

New in this release:

* Main tab splited in Main and Options.
* New tabs Network and security.
* Lock file, now you can lock configuration changes by create <config>.lock
* Certificate Managment now have a button add.
* New properties: persist-local-ip, persist-remote-ip and show-net-up under
Options tab.
* New properties: lport and rport under Main tab.
* New properties: auth, cypher, ns-cert-type, chroot ans tls-remote under
Security tab.
* New properties: route-gateway, route, route-delay, mssfix, shaper, inactive,
dhcp-option, tun-mtu, tun-mtu-extra, ping-exit and mute under Network tab.
* Translation for Swedish added

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-11-22