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Effective today I am retiring myself from further development of the openVP platform/project. If you would be interested in picking up this project please contact me at and we can talk about it.

Thank you for supporting OpenVP.


Posted by Pedro A. Vera-Perez 2002-05-28

The future of openVP

With the introduction of I have decided not to continue develpment of openVP. Also, at this time I am not ready to decide if my new application will be GPLed.

I plan on keeping the project open indefinitely, so people can take advantage of the work we have done so far.

Posted by Pedro A. Vera-Perez 2002-01-09

openVP is being converted to OPTION EXPLICIT

Be careful with using files off the CVS repository between releases. We are converting all the ASP pages so they use OPTION EXPLICIT. I am trying to commit only pages that run on their own without disturbing the pages that have not been fixed yet.

Posted by Pedro A. Vera-Perez 2001-02-25

Access version of openVP

Pzycoman has posted a MS Access version of the openVP database structure. Just download the db package and follow the instructions :-)

Posted by Pedro A. Vera-Perez 2001-02-16

Upload script has been phased out

The script upload for the pictures database has been removed. From now on openVP uses the free asp upload component available at The code is designed so you can swich to whatever uploader suits you.

Posted by Pedro A. Vera-Perez 2001-02-03

We are running!!!

The project is fully alive on Source Forge as of 1/14/2001 :-)

Posted by Pedro A. Vera-Perez 2001-01-15