problem with fullscreen on multi-monitor setu


  • Anonymous

    Hi, new to ovp,
    running version 2.1.6 of ovp, flash player 11.+, have a secondary monitor of 1280x800…
    I have an rtmp stream with dimensions 640x480.
    need help figuring out how to get OVP to stay in fullscreen on secondary monitor regardless of 'loss of focus'/'click or key' events on primary monitor (current version of flash does in fact support this, ive confirmed it with other flash players)

    this feature doesnt work with my stream using the latest release version of OVP, 2.1.6.
    However, the strange thing is that it *does* appear to work with the demo stream available on the 'ovp konfigurator dashboard', 

    There's nothing different or special about my rtmp stream, aside from the fact that its dimensions are lower.
    Im using 'c++ rtmp server' to publish my rtmp, which as far as I can tell does nothing strange to the stream itself to cause this behavior (I can publish a demo stream on request, msg me). Also, this feature doesnt seem to work for all streams available on the 'ovp demo board', so there's something strange/inconsistent about how this bug manifests itself.

    can someone please help me figure this out?
    Again, to summarize, I need help getting 'uninterrupted fullscreen on secondary monitor' to work w/ OVP multi-player.