Ati driver

  • Hello,

    I have a ati rage 128 and i check my opengl drivers version;
    everytime i launch OU the program crash after i set the demo mode

    the folowing error appear : ATIO9XAA.DLL crash

    Anybody can help me ?

    • Jesse Scott
      Jesse Scott

      I'm sure you've already done this, but have you tried the latest drivers for your ATI?

    • Hi Derry,

      I have the same problem with my ATI XPERT Rage 128. I downloaded the latest drivers and DirectX 7.0a without result. Did you already fix the problem?. Can anybody else help?


    • Anonymous

      Hi Derry,

      This problem sounds familiar to me. On
      you will find the RAGE 128/RAGE 128 PRO Windows 95b/98 Display Driver (w9x_r128_633cd21e.exe).
      It works fine on my system. I hope it will helps you and the others in this forum

      best regards, michael