Hi ya'll,

I'm considering using DASH7 + opentag on a commercial product.  I've been reading the wiki and have built/installed some test apps on my agaidi eval boards.  It looks really slick! Thanks JP!

However, I have a few questions.  If any of you can help me out I'd be very grateful:

* Are folks using this yet in large deployments?  Would you recommend such a thing?
* It seems like the examples in OpenTag_M2.git are pretty minimal (i.e. __UID set via a #def rather than coming from a config file etc...).  Are there any other projects I should look at to see a more complete application example?
* Has anyone started work on a bootloader that can understand OTA updates?  (Presumably they would also need to check signatures on the binfiles)
* Any thoughts on extending the protocol/implementation to do AES? (with or without a Zigbee style trust center)
* Are there DASH7 alternatives to OpenTag which add AES, OTA support etc...?  Commercial or open-source would both be an option for me.


(Of course if I end up using Opentag I'll happly send in pull requests for any code which is worth sharing)