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Posted by Mike Cannon-Brookes 2002-07-17

Radical new OpenSymphony Cache 1.7.2 released!

OpenSymphony is an Open Source project dedicated to providing enterprise class J2EE applications and components. Our components aim to be specification compliant, and should work in any J2EE compliant application server.

OSCache ( 1.7.2 is out. It's a radical new release with a completely modified internal architecture - resulting in better, faster and more configurable J2EE caching. See the changelog for details of major new features.

Posted by Mike Cannon-Brookes 2001-11-12

SiteMesh 1.3 released

SiteMesh was built upon the Java Servlet 2.3 API. It is a web-page layout system and web-application integration system to aid in creating large sites consisting of many pages for which a consistent look/feel, navigation, and layout scheme is required. It intercepts requests to any static or dynamically generated HTML page requested through the web-server, parses the page, obtains properties, and data from the content, and generates an appropriate final page with modifications to the original. It is ideally suited for Java based sites (particularly JSP) but can be dropped into any existing site that uses a Servlet engine including static, CGI, PHP, and ColdFusion generated pages. ... read more

Posted by Joe Walnes 2001-09-24

OSCache 1.6.1

OSCache 1.6.1 has been released - contains LOTS of fixes, and plenty of new features.

Among them:
- ServletFilter to cache entire pages
- Cache now caches images and other binary types
- Cache is now i18n aware and should support all encodings
- Memory / file caching are now independent and can be turned on or off individually (ie you can have JUST a file cache, or JUST a memory cache, or both)
- Lots of work has gone into thread safety, it should be fairly right now, let us know if you still have problems (with thread safety ;)
- Refactoring and new interfaces so the code is 'nice' - awww!
- Auto-generated cache keys now contain the query string as well
- Keys are now flushable by 'pattern' - see JavaDocs

Posted by Mike Cannon-Brookes 2001-09-17

New mailing lists

Mailing lists have been created for the Access and Docman modules, and a generic taglib list has been created as well.

Posted by Joseph Ottinger 2001-07-18

Releases! OSCache 1.2.1, Formtags 2.0 RC1 and SiteMesh 1.2

Lots of releases in the last fortnight - check 'em all out and send us any bug fixes.

OSCache getting rave reviews - great!
Formtags achieving stability, WebWork and OGNL support - great!
SiteMesh finally getting released - great!

Posted by Mike Cannon-Brookes 2001-05-25

OSCache 1.1

OSCache 1.1 is out - come and get it!

Posted by Mike Cannon-Brookes 2001-03-25

SiteMesh 1.0 Beta 0 released

A beta of the 2nd module of the OpenSymphony project has just been released - SiteMesh.

SiteMesh is a presentation and integration framework for rapidly enhancing new (and existing web-apps).

For more details, documentation and download:

Posted by Joe Walnes 2000-12-06

OSCache 1.0 beta 0

OSCache 1.0 beta 0 is the first release of OSCache, our revolutionary JSP caching module.

OSCache solves two fundamental problems of all dynamic sites:

Caching Dynamic Content - Dynamic content must often be executed in some form each request, but sometimes that content doesn't change every request. Caching the whole page does not help because parts of the page change every request. OSCache solves this problem by providing a means to cache sections of JSP pages.
Error Tolerance - If one error occurs somewhere on your dynamic page, chances are the whole page will be returned as an error, even if 95% of the page executed correctly. OSCache solves this problem by allowing you to serve the cached content in the event of an error, and then reporting the error appropriately. ... read more

Posted by Mike Cannon-Brookes 2000-12-05

New mailing lists

To go along with the launch of our first two modules (OSCache 1.0 and SiteMesh 1.0) we've launched a lot of new mailing lists.

There are now 7 mailing lists:

opensymphony-discuss - For general discussion of the OpenSymphony project

opensymphony-announce - Announcements regarding OpenSymphony (low traffic) eg new releases, notices like this one.

opensymphony-developers - A list for development discussion, CVS commit postings etc - medium traffic when CVS commit mails are working... read more

Posted by Mike Cannon-Brookes 2000-12-05

Open For Business

OpenSymphony is firing up! Our SourceForge website is set up and we'll be synching the new source with CVS any day now - keep watching for updates.

Posted by Mike Cannon-Brookes 2000-08-18