Hi ppl,
Since our last meeting I have been testing and working with the
CSIRO SVG Toolkit, and I would like to share with you some ideas
and conclusions of my tasks.
So, I think it won't be useful for our purposes because there are too 
many classes using Java2. While parsing almost all created SVG elements
have a draw method (elements "know" how to draw themselfs,
which I believe to be a good idea) that implements Java2 (Graphics2D and
other Java2 methods). That compromises the direct use of this toolkit and
makes the conversion to Java (jdk1.1.8) a very hard task.
I have done some tests with the CSIRO Viewer and it needs some
considerable resources to run. In an AthlonXP 2100+ pc, it takes
about 4sec to open the file Avr1.svg and uses about 30Mb of memory.
Therefore, I suggest not to use CSIRO SVG Toolkit but use it's
architecture and organization in a brand new application.
That's my opinion and I'm waiting your's ideas.
Nuno André Faria
Laboratório SIG
Departamento de Informática
Universidade do Minho
4710 - 057 Braga
Telefone: +351 253 604 457