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Workshop on Impact of Scalable Video Coding on Multimedia Provisioning (SVCVision) Collocated with MobiMedia - 6th International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference 6th-8th September 2010 - Lisbon, Portugal

Aims and Scope

Scalable Video Coding (SVC) refers to the possibility of removing certain parts of a video bit stream in order to adapt it to a changing usage environment, e.g., end device capabilities, network condition or user preferences. SVC has been an active standardization and research area for at least 20 years, reaching back to H.262/MPEG-2, which offered scalable profiles. However, these previous attempts suffered from a significant loss in coding efficiency as well as a large increase in decoder complexity (and thus energy consumption), which hindered market adoption. Only the most recent attempt, i.e., the SVC extension of H.264/AVC, focuses on avoiding these disadvantages. Since H.264/SVC standardization started in 2003, it has been at the focus of many multimedia research groups.... read more

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Tested SVC sequences can be found here

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Wiki installation

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