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OpenStego v0.6.1 released with support for Digital Watermarking

OpenStego v0.6.1

  • Added (beta) support for embedding digital watermarks in images which can use verified later
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2014-04-17

OpenStego v0.5.2 released with one major bug fix

OpenStego v0.5.2

  • Fixed major bug where extract action was not working for RandomLSB plugin
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2009-03-30

OpenStego v0.5.1 released with minor changes

OpenStego v0.5.1

  • Removed "Auto-Select" option for Extract algorithm
  • Put exception check in case of out of memory error
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2009-01-13

OpenStego v0.5.0 released with bulk message embed support

OpenStego v0.5.0

  • Added support for bulk embedding of messages. Now, multiple files can be selected or wildcard can be provided for cover files
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2008-09-28

OpenStego v0.4.2 released with RandomLSB algorithm support

OpenStego v0.4.2

  • Added support for new algorithm - RandomLSB. This uses Least Significant Bits of image pixels in a pseudo-random manner, and so it becomes very difficult to detect the stegged data using statistical methods. This method is slower compared to regular LSB, but it is more secure.
  • Minor bugfixes
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2008-03-14

OpenStego v0.4.1 released with Command-line Batch support

OpenStego v0.4.1

  • Added support for wildcard and multiple coverfile names on command-line. This enables embedding of a message into coverfiles in bulk.
  • Minor bugfix
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2008-02-22

OpenStego v0.4.0 released with support for External Plugins

OpenStego v0.4.0

  • Added support for external plugins so that other algorithms like DCT/FFT can be used
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2008-02-11

OpenStego Homepage Revamped

OpenStego homepage has been fully revamped. It includes now GUI usage guide, feature list, changelog, contacts, etc.

Hope the documentation helps for people who are not aware of what is steganography.

Posted by Samir Vaidya 2008-01-17

OpenStego v0.3.2 released with command-line enhancements

OpenStego v0.3.2

  • Fully revamped the command-line syntax to make it more conventional in nature
  • Added support for reading message file from stdin
  • Added support for writing stego file to stdout
  • Added support for masked password entry on command-line
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2008-01-14

OpenStego v0.3.1 released with support for Random Image

OpenStego v0.3.1

  • Added support for Randomly Generated Image to be used as Cover file (using '-random' option)
  • Added command line option to list down the supported read/write image formats
  • JAI ( can be installed for support for additional image formats
  • Fixed a bug, where channgelBitsUsed was written wrongly in the header data
  • Added check for extension for Output Image File selection
  • Added header versioning support for compatibility check in future versions
Posted by Samir Vaidya 2008-01-10

OpenStego v0.3.0 released with Encryption Support

OpenStego v0.3.0 includes support for password-based encryption of the data. GUI also includes the corresponding changes.

OpenStego is now more or less complete. Main thing remaining is addition of support for other file formats like JPG, BMP.

Posted by Samir Vaidya 2008-01-02

OpenStego v0.2.0 released

OpenStego v0.2.0 CHANGELOG --------------------------
- Added simple Swing GUI
- Added support for localization (resource bundles)

Posted by Samir Vaidya 2007-12-19

OpenStego v0.1.1 released

OpenStego v0.1.1 CHANGELOG --------------------------
- API Documentation added
- Changed API methods so that it makes more sense
- Fixed the bug where data was lost when '--useCompression=true' was used

Posted by Samir Vaidya 2007-12-10

OpenStego v0.1.0 released

OpenStego is a command line tool implemented in Java for image based steganography. It currently supports embedding of messages/files in a 24bpp images. Implementation of the same in C++ is planned.

Posted by Samir Vaidya 2007-12-07