Opensteer in a 3D environment

  • Quid Pro Quo
    Quid Pro Quo


    I have been trying out the demo of opensteer and found it to be a great and interesting software.

    I am interested in know if Opensteer is able to be used in a 3D environment. Similar to a submarine vehicle or a low flying aircraft (helicopter). Assuming that the terrain has been quantized to cylindrical blocks.

    Your comment and assistance is greatly appreciated

  • Bjoern Knafla
    Bjoern Knafla


    What you are describing sounds like a 2.5D application. As I understand it the vehicles (helicopters or airplanes) mainly orient at the 2d ground while using the 3rd dimension to avoid each other.

    There are different 2d demos in OpenSteer showing how 2d obstacle and agent avoidance could be implemented while the flocking demo implements a truly 3D flock of birds or school of fish.

    All behaviors in OpenSteer operate on 3D coordinates but many are optimized for a 2D environment. You can try to adapt many of the existing behaviors or the code from the demos to adapt them to your special problem as no demo or low-level behavior exactly matches the problem you want to solve.


  • Craig Reynolds
    Craig Reynolds

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