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#336 Consecutive ~s in recording cause bad SCL or Modeler hang

Daniel Sutcliffe

The symptoms here are that the Modeler will just hang after a recorder is finished (using 100% CPU) or the created script will be missing bits, typically it won't have any of the required variables defined in the Definition section.

The problem is that the Gateway creates a badly formed intermediate recording (TOF) file if the content contains multiple consecutive ~ characters. This was first noted with a Cookie containing a '~~' sequence, which when encoded for SCL becomes '~~~~', but it is possible that consecutive ~s in many parts of the recorded HTTP stream can cause the same problem.

The same problem can be artificially created by using the Modeler Comment button whilst recording and typing in a string of more than 3 ~s.


    • status: open --> open-fixed
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    Originator: YES

    A fix for this issue has been merged into the CVS HEAD. It
    will become generally available in the OpenSTA 1.4.4 release.


    This problem was fixed by avoiding the use of the '~~' string
    to represent a single '~' when encoding SCL strings. Instead
    the hex representation of ~<7E> is used. For the issue with
    comments the problem strings are simply truncated to the
    shortest sequence that does not cause a problem.