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Email Encryption and Signing with Thunderbird

Email encryption and signing works now with the certificates created by this application in Thunderbird and Outlook. The Thunderbird team has finally fixed the bug.

There was little improvement on the scripts themselves. The main work was done on improving the integration with The Address Book Reloaded as certificate managing database and Intranet address book. There is still lots of work to do to make it more convenient to issue certificates other than pasting commands into a shell. The thing that prevents this until now is that usually the address book is running on a unsecured server, while the certificate authority must be run on a secure computer, which would need a means to sync databases between instances of the address book.

Posted by katzlbt 2007-03-17

Web Interface Integration (PHP)

I have integrated the CA into as a plugin. I have added a description of how that works to the Home Page. If you have further questions use the Help forum or the Open discussions either of this project or of tab-2.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-09-01

PHP/MySQL Frontend

I have integrated the CA into (currently as beta DB scheme extensions). It works great. Users can retrieve their reissued cert keys from their own address card. Reissue and revokation managemnet.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-28

README available on Home Page

I have uploaded the README file as html as the homepage of this project.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-15

Integration with Address Book started

With the help of gzm0 I have started the effort to integrate the CA into which will generate text files with commands to issue certificates and revokations from contact data. These commands can be run on a secure computer.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-14

Version 1.0 released

I hope you find this release useful.
Sorry for the lacking documentation, but all commands have a -h option that displays help.

Have fun!

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-12