OpenSSH version 3.6 for AIX 5.2 available

The installp images include changes for the following:
1)The 3.6.1p2 version of the code from
2)Darren Tucker patched functionality for password expiry
3)Optional Kerberos V authentication support
4)National Language Support (NLS) enablement
5)NLS translated message catalogue images
6)Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) was NOT compiled into the 3.6 version of the images
7)Use of /dev/urandom for entropy

UPDATE: Darren Tucker's patch for the display of /etc/nologin is now included in version 3.6.1p2 in the install package named "openssh361p2_52_nologin.tar.Z"

Posted by Denise Genty 2003-07-17