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AIX Linux Toolbox OpenSSL images updated

OpenSSL recently made a security advisory announcement (see www.openssl.org ).
If you are using the AIX Toolbox build of the OpenSSL image, it is
recommended that you visit the AIX Toolbox "cryptographic content" site at:

and update to the 0.9.6g images there.

The 0.9.6g image on this site represents the 0.9.6g OpenSSL image PLUS
the patch for the security exposure. In other words, although the version
number does not match the very latest available 0.9.6i or 0.9.7a levels
seen on openssl.org, the security patch itself has been included in the
Toolbox 0.9.6g image.

Posted by Denise Genty 2003-03-04