Version 2.3 Released

It's been a while, eh? Due to some requests from the mailing list, I've decided to roll up another tarball incorporating some of the (major) changes I've made over the last few months. In this release:

1) I re-rewrote the DOMXML code to be compatible with all current and future versions of PHP (hopefully). The DOMXML syntax in PHP is changing, so this release should detect old and new versions of the syntax, and adjust accordingly.

2) Rewrote code to move towards PEAR-style coding. PEAR ( is aiming to be for PHP what CPAN is for Perl. My coding style has changed recently to reflect the PEAR "standard", so I'll update my "back catalog" when I can. :)

3) Removed CBC class, replaced with PEAR's Crypt::CBC. I donated the CBC class originally used for OpenSRS-PHP to the PEAR repository. Since I'll only be maintaining it in one location, it's been removed from this release. You probably already have a copy of it anyway, if you've built a version of PHP in the last 6 months. :)

4) Remove valid command name checking. Most of the time, when OpenSRS releases some new functionality, they are only adding a few new commands to the API. Rather than edit the client code to add these new commands to $OPENSRS_ACTIONS, I've disabled the bit of code that checks for valid commands. The OpenSRS server does this anyway. So, this should translate into fewer reasons to upgrade your client code: simply write your scripts with the proper syntax for the new commands and they should run without upgrading.

Pretty much the only thing that's missing from my PHP code and the official Perl client is RACE encoding. I have no need/spare time for this at present, so my desire to hunker down and code it is minimal. I've received some suggestions on how to do it, but feel free to make more suggestions. Feel even more free to code it yourself, and email me the patches. :)

As always, please join the mailing lists to discuss the code, make suggestions for improvement, ask questions, etc.. Thanks!

Colin Viebrock
Co-Founder, easyDNS Technologies Inc.

Posted by Colin Viebrock 2001-06-11