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#390 OS 2.1-RC1 as Portable installation - Startup issue


OS 2.1-RC1 on WinXP


I tried to check out the new version as a portable installation. I unpacked the installer, copied the "OpenSong Data" folder over from the previous Beta version, and copied the global file from the previous Beta to its new location in "OpenSong Settings". The previous Beta had been running as portable installation also.

On starting it, I received the following message:

An Error occured while loading the preferences list. The file is probably corrupt and therefore cannot be loaded. ... The file is located at <PORTABLE_PROGRAM_FOLDER>\OpenSong Settings\preferences.plist

I chose to exit OpenSong at this point.

I checked that the path given was the one I expected, which I can confirm. The preferences.plist file from the installation archive, placed there was 0 Bytes in size. so I deleted it, expecting that OS would create a new one. But now, trying to start OpenSong did nothing at all. That is, OpenSong started and silently closed down again, without showing any window or dialog box at all.

So I placed the zero-length preferences.plist file back in place, restarted OS and this time chose to let OS re-create the file.
Part of the message, skipped above says:

OpenSong can recreate the preferences file for you, which will cause your main program settings to be deleted.

This, however, proofed to be untrue. I could not find any settings that had been reset compared to what I expected from copying them form the previous version in the beginning.

What did I expect:
1. An option to do a portable installation in the installer
2. OS not to complain at the empty preferences.plist when run as portable.
3. OS to handle a missing preferences.plist
4. OS to recover from a missing preference.plist without threatening to loose configuration settings. As far as I understand, the only indispensable information stored in the plist file
is the location of the "Globals" configuration file. All the rest could be stored in the other configuration files, at least as a backup. Especially Song Activity Log Settings should not be stored there.


  • Triangle717


    Thanks for reported this bug in the new installer. I'm the creator of it, so I'll be looking into this. I was bit unsure if the new Portable Installation worked correctly or not, thanks to an error in 2.0b2. It seems my fears were valid. I'll look into this, and hopefully get it fixed before 2.1 final.

    Some of what you described is an error in OpenSong itself, and has to be fixed in the OS code. However, I can do my best to remove this pain you're having in the installer.

    I'm sorry for the issues you've experienced. These things can happen. ;)

    God Bless,

  • Triangle717

    Just letting you know, the installer (not OpenSong) errors you mentioned should have been fixed by now. The released installer used an old version of the script, and it was9 broken badly. It's all been updated now, and I'll contact the admins and ask about recompiling the Windows build with the new installer. ;)

    God Bless,

  • Vwout

    • assigned_to: le717
    • Group: v2.0b1 --> v2.1RC1


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