#360 Bugs 1.7 and 2.0

Songs (31)

So I wrote on the errors and comments to the OPEN SONG (it worked in version 1.6)

Annex Christ Leader file showing error of 1 and 2

Error 1

The tag line for free | does not work at the beginning of the presentation

Christ Leader,
Christ the King,
Christ, Christ,
Our Sovereign. (3x)

Presentation (first line-free - the empty space of two-line text)

Christ Leader,
Christ the King,
Christ, Christ,
Our Sovereign. (3x)

(In the presentation of the first line should be blank and only the text
Christ Leader of 2 lines)

In version 1.7 and 2.0 show since the beginning of the first line (from the top and I wanted to have one line blank)


The tag line for free | does not work IMAGE - SUBTITLE

Error 2

I have a kit ready for presentation
I let a song for the input
Real-time wants to add a song of Christ Leader (in the advanced options I increased the font size
Choose Q (a song)

I added this song, but without the advanced options or font 36,
Although the song is written from the 58th font

Q key songs added but without advanced features.


I have a ready set of slides
I want to add a picture with the title.

Choose a new element - the image - add (eg cross)
The title is part of the Cross of Christ
I choose to override the style.
I note in a new window showing the title of Helvetica 60 red † Top Middle blue box. (I confirm approx.)
I choose the presenting part. (Red color does not fit me want to change to green † bottom middle square)
I choose to override the style
Turns green and the lower box (confirm approx.)
In the preview window, override the style is about
Presenting the item and choose KLAPA HERE TO SHOWS BECAUSE WHAT WAS FIRST RECORDED or red and not green top and bottom.
I change to another element of the set (eg, song)
Gives back to the item with a picture of the cross and the title is in the override style again and shows me a red top.


  1. Whether it could make the program after you close and reopen the program remembers the last file opened in a ready-made sets.

Always choose the mode as a set and a set is empty.
(You may remember last opened file included)

The song files (in folders) program saves and opens the last used folder of songs (such as Christ, the leader in the folder eighth Christ the King - opens the folder 8)

  1. Is it possible to introduce the hint when selecting fonts
    just like in Word (type in box H fonts appear immediately Helvetica, V - Verde) The OPEN SONG MUST enter the string font or find it in leaves, there is no option HINTS font names.

  2. Emphasis in the presentation, once reported but apparently you can not.
    God have mercy on your Church unity and peace.
    Enough to the 3 main tags: underline (u) bold (b) and italics (i).




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