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OpenSMART 2.0 released

Hello all,

we're proud to announce the release of

OpenSMART 2.0.

After 3 and a half year, many things have changed.

This is the change list:


1. New checks

- rfe #1921264: mqclearing: Are WebSphere mq messages are processed
- rfe #1925820: lvmfreespace: monitor and report free space
in volume groups
- rfe #1949671: Netbackup Monitoring / Reporting check added
- rfe #2455742: SOAP-check / reporting added.
- check tomcat / reporting jvm usage / thread count
- rfe #1381535: SNMP check for OpenSMART added
- rfe #2863590: ldap(s) check added
- raid3ware: Check for monitoring 3ware-Raid-Controller on linux added.... read more

Posted by Ulrich Herbst 2011-09-13

OpenSMART 1.2 released


we proudly announce OpenSMART 1.2 with a lot of new features, bugfixes and
major performance improvements.

Give it a try - The best OpenSMART that ever saw the light of the day!

Here is the complete changelog:


1. New Checks

- mqconnect: is a connect to a WebSphere MQ QueueManager possible
- mysqlconnect: is a connect to a MySQL Database possible ?
- readfile: is a file in a (maybe network-) filesystem readable ?
- db2lck: are there critical lock situation on your DB2 database... read more

Posted by Holger Schultheiß 2008-03-18

OpenSMART agent 1.0.1 released

With the OpenSMART 1.0 release, there were two annoying bugs so far:

1. swap-check doesn't work on hpux
2. (more annoying): missing servdoc in package.

Please download opensmart-agent 1.0.1 to fix this.

This is an agent-only release. We plan to release agent-only releases more
often than full releases, because of patches and new checks for the agent.

Posted by Ulrich Herbst 2006-09-05

OpenSMART 1.0 released

Finally, we have OpenSMART 1.0, the first stable version of OpenSMART released.

With this version, you can monitor your production data center as well as your home servers with many nifty features like
- easy to understand (and well documented) XML configuration
- nice and handy web GUI
- advanced features like commands for error correction or cluster aware monitoring.
- full documentation for your servers included through ServDoc.

Posted by Ulrich Herbst 2006-09-03

OpenSMART 0.4 released.

OpenSMART 0.4 is released.
Many new checks and much faster frontend. Try it.

Posted by Ulrich Herbst 2006-01-02

OpenSMART 0.3 released

We're happy to release OpenSMART 0.3.
This is the first version we have in production use in our datacenter. Try it.

Posted by Ulrich Herbst 2005-07-20

OpenSMART 0.2 released

This is the 2nd release of OpenSMART, the Open (System|Source) Monitoring and Reporting Tool.

We have a complete backend, a complete and usable frontend and we have 13 real life server checkscripts.

OpenSMART 0.2 is usable in real environments.

Posted by Ulrich Herbst 2005-03-10

OpenSMART 0.1 released

The first version of OpenSMART, the Open (System|Source) Monitoring and Reporting Tool is released.

You can monitor many servers (and there you need just a perl installation) with a nice frontend. You can easily extend OpenSMART with your own checks if needed.

Posted by Ulrich Herbst 2004-09-14