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Welcoming Nathan

Its been quite a while since any updates happened with either the project or the code of openslide. The economy not being conducive to most of our developers, there has been no advances.

I welcome Sabarinathan as the new developer & am excusing Shazia, Khaleel & Sanjeev.

Hope things start looking better soon.

Posted by ScorpFromHell 2009-10-21

Welcoming Sanjeev

Sanjeev has promised to "hand over" a few students for mentorship under openslide developers. :)

You are most welcome to the project Sanjeev!

Posted by ScorpFromHell 2009-02-13

Welcoming Khaleel

Khaleel has deep experience in LAMP & also dabbles with .Net. He also has deep experience in JavaScript.

Khaleel is the 3rd volunteer to join openslide & he would act as the mentor for students.

Posted by ScorpFromHell 2009-02-13

Welcoming Mudit - our CakePHP & AS developer

Mudit has expertise in CakePHP & Flash ActionScripting (2 & 3) and has worked on creating video players & their server side script.

I got in touch with Mudit thanks to Twitter. :)

Welcome aboard Mudit.

Posted by ScorpFromHell 2009-02-12

Welcoming our first developer - Shazia

Shazia Musarrat is an application maintenance engineer in her day job & as aspiring FLOSS developer in her free time.

Today also sees the setup of the various tools on the project space for openslide on after trying out many hosted apps & defaults options in

We now have SVN as the SCM tool, Mantis BT for bug tracking & new feature requests, phpBB for forums, wikispaces for a project wiki and the default trasks in for task management.

Posted by ScorpFromHell 2009-02-11