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OpenJUMP JUFRE 0.4 available for download

I decided to make OpenJUMP 0.4 available for download
These are the new modifications:
a) Add Open WFS from AdBToolbox
Currently on test and not working with OpenJUMP Jufre
b) Modified Schema
- Add Boolean as an attribute trype
c) Modified Editing Toolbox (Openjump Jufre 0.3)
- New measure tools on Editing Toolbox: segment, linestring, polygon, rectangle, circle and arc measure
<Currently all ported as CADExtension to OpenJUMP>
d) Add an extra toolbar (Cad Toolbar)
- New Tools: draw multipoint, parallelogramm,circular sector, draw closed linestring (polygonal, circular, rectangular and circular section) and clone items.
<Currently all ported as CADExtension to OpenJUMP>
e) Modified Fence plugin
- Fence icon on toolbar opens now a Fence Toolbar with all fence tools
f) Modified Vector Calculator fom Pirol
- Add new operations on Vector calculator: decimal logarithm, neper logarithm, Greek Pi, Sin, Cos, Tan, ASin, ACos, ATang. Radians to degrees conversion, Degrees to radians
OponJUMP JUFRE is intended only to test modifications and new plugins that will be ported to OpenJUMP.... read more

Posted by G. Aruta 2011-11-19

New CAD Extension Plugin for OpenJUMP

CAD Extension for OpenJUMP adds new tools and plugins for drawing and modifying features in a layer. It also adds new tools to calculate area and lenght and to measure angles in the workbench.
Other plugins are intended to be used with CAD files loaded using DXF PlugIn from Michael Marchaud (http://geo.michaelm.free.fr/OpenJUMP/resources/drivers).
The Plugin is a set of tools partially deriving from other JUMP-derived software (SkyJUMP and Kosmo) plus new modified tools deriving form OpenJUMP itself.
The aim is to create a complete list of tool which let OpenJUMP to work as a CAD or a Drawing software. To make life more easy for prefessional or public officer who work with CAD and cadastral maps.... read more

Posted by G. Aruta 2011-11-19