Is there any documentation?

  • Murat Jumashev
    Murat Jumashev


    I'm looking for a OS project for our call-center. Our needs are: Operators
    knowledge management (I mean, there are some topics our operators must knoq),
    CBA, and employee self-management (so that they can monitor their grades,
    problems they have, assigned homework with auto-e-mailing option).

    Currently I found two OS CRM systems: vTiger and SugarCRM, and found (CBA
    system) TCexam based on xAMP.

    I wonder, can I use openSIS instead of making a (costly, time-assuming)
    connection between vTiger and TCexam?

    I found no documentation regarding this really-needed project.


    I could contribute Kyrgyz and Russian translations.

  • James Tremblay
    James Tremblay

    What exactly are you looking to read about in the docs. I am capable of
    helping you understand.

  • Alan Yeung
    Alan Yeung

    hi there, my name is Alan, and i'm from HK. we are planning to set up an NGO
    to promote political awareness in HK and the greater China area, and i'm one
    of the volunteers tasked to propose a solution for an online political
    academy, with functionalities like student registration, class registration,
    access to computer-aided courses, etc.

    Just wondering if there's any methodology you used, e.g. TOGAF, during the
    design of the system, and if there's any architecture definition documents
    showing e.g. the requirements, the data model, service interface definition,
    operational and deployment strategies, etc.

    They will definitely aid me when considering candidate solutions.

    Thanks in advance!