#26 Help me unicode/language in opensismysql.

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Nguyen Dung

Help me unicode/language in opensismysql.
I installed opensismysql in ubuntu 8.0.4.
I want to use interface of opensismysql by other language or by english language but I can input some data by orther language.
Example: I can input address of student by their national language.

Thank you


  • Look at your database in phpmyadmin and check the collation the default is ok but some languages conflict. it should be set to utf8_unicode_ci and make sure your apache is configured with "mutli-bit string" aka "mbstring" capabilities. we are working on language support as we speak.

  • Thank you for participating in the debugging of openSIS v4.5 we hope that with your help we can build the best SIS ever.

  • Thank you for reply,
    I had find answer, I added this in php.ini
    mbstring.language = Neutral
    mbstring.internal_encoding = UTF-8
    mbstring.encoding_translation = On
    mbstring.http_input = auto
    mbstring.http_output = UTF-8
    mbstring.detect_order = auto
    mbstring.substitute_character = none
    default_charset = UTF-8