#42 Pseudovar argument for sleep function at cfgutils.

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Sergio Gutierrez

Based on a question posted by a user, this patch implements the feature of allowing sleep function at cfgutils module receives a pseudovariable argument.

This patch is a very first approach, and in case of being accepted, it could be applied to usleep function too.
A couple questions:

1. What should be the module's behaviour when argument as invalid value/format (Ignore/log the error, or stop execution?)
2. Should the current behaviour be kept? That is to say, still receive a string as argument, or should it be completely overrided by pseudovar usage? In case that it should be kept, is there a way to do it in the same function? As I see, a new function should be implemented, as fixup functions are different for pseudovar and string.

Thanks in advance for your attention.



  • Patch for cfgutils module

  • Hi Sergio,

    some remarks:

    1) your patch defines a new function m_sleep2(), but I do no see it triggered from the module export structure (you changed only the fixup function) ...also, what about the old m_sleep() function ?

    2) please update the docs also (about what params the function accepts)

    3) please use consistent code indentation (use only tabs for this, without spaces)

    Thanks and regards,

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  • Hi Sergio,

    As discussed per email, please feel free an upload the patch on SVN..

    Thanks and regards,

  • Implemented in revision 5101

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