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[TRAINING] OpenSIPS eBootcamp - first 2015 session

The first 2015 eBootcamp session is scheduled to start on 23rd of February. This will be the last one covering OpenSIPS version 1.11 .

What is the content and who should attend ? Please read all about it here :

For more information and registration, email us :
ebootcamp at opensips dot org

Please note the class is limited to 20 students and first in, first served !

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-12-10

Who is using OpenSIPS ?

As an OpenSIPS Foundation project, we started to put together a list of companies/entities using the OpenSIPS project. We want to see and show how popular and trusted our project is.

The page works on the principal of self subscription (via web form) - each request is moderated to avoid spam or bogus records:
We already have an initial set of records, many thanks to the people who subscribed.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-11-20

OpenSIPS Las Vegas Summit - Speakers & Workshops - part 3

On October 21st, 2014, Las Vegas will be the the "OpenSIPS" city!

Pete Kelly - Sourcevox - "Solving Business Problems with OpenSIPs: Least Cost Routing"
» In addition to standard modules, OpenSIPS comes with a powerful "Turing complete" scripting language which truly allows you to do some remarkable things when routing a simple SIP request.
» In this example Least Cost Routing is explored. Using the OpenSIPS modules and scripting language, this presentation explores how a business definition of Least Cost Routing can be easily achieved with a combination of OpenSIPS modules and the scripting language.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-10-15

OpenSIPS 2.1.0dev

The development branch moved from 1.12 to 2.1 - we are heavily working on importing into OpenSIPS improvements related to the New Design from the OpenSIPS Experimental Code.

As a result, we have a first development version which is consistent as stable (as much as a devel code can be :D ) - we have OpenSIPS 2.1.0 . This tag covers:
- I/O async reactor per process (for each SIP worker)
- integrate the reactor with the UDP and TCP reading
- timer jobs dispatched/balanced across the SIP worker procs (instead of be all executed in dedicated procs)... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-10-14

OpenSIPS Las Vegas Summit - Speakers & Workshops - part 2

On October 21st, 2014, Las Vegas will be the the "OpenSIPS" city!

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu - OpenSIPS core developer - "OpenSIPS Call Center with Asterisk"

» Even without having media capabilities, OpenSIPS can provide a high performance and scalable call queuing engine - hundreds of queues, thousands of agents, thousands of queued calls.
» Asterisk is required in combination with OpenSIPS in order to provide media server oriented services - front-end IVRs for selecting queue, announcement playback and queuing playback. Considering that geo-distributed call centers (with unique queue on OpenSIPS), Asterisk can be even more used as a local (to agent) class V PBX for advanced services like call barging, call transfer, call listening and other call-center specific features.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-10-09

OpenSIPS Las Vegas Summit - Speakers & Workshops - part 1

Ever wonder how you can:

load balance your Asterisk servers
provide fail over protection for your Asterisk servers
distribute services to your Asterisk server clusters

On October 21st, 2014, Las Vegas will be the the "OpenSIPS" city!

Vlad Paiu - OpenSIPS core developer - "OpenSIPS, a service enabler for Asterisk"

By using OpenSIPS as a front-end for the Asterisk-based system, additional/advanced SIP services can be enabled for the end-users. OpenSIPS can act as an enabler for SIP SIMPLE (presence and IM), XCAP, webRTC, TLS support, Parallel Registration, IRC-like chatting and other end-user oriented services.
Aside the end-user service, OpenSIPS can address provider oriented services like LCR and Gateway failover for the outbound traffic, LNP and CNAME dipping, etc.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-10-07

[Event] OpenSIPS Summit 2014, Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...
the exception is all the knowledge you'll take home after the OpenSIPS Summit!

That's right... The OpenSIPS summit is coming to Las Vegas!

On October 21st, 2014 come join us at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino for a full day of everything OpenSIPS. The summit will take place the day before the popular Astricon event held by the asterisk community at Red Rock Las Vegas. That event will kick off October 22nd. Anyone attending Astricon can use the discount code "astricon2014" to save 25% off registration for the summit.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-09-04

OpenSIPS Summit 2014, Chicago

It's almost that time again! The first of two OpenSIPS summits has been scheduled for 4th of August 2014, at InterContinental Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA. This Summit will coincide with annual FreeSwitch Cluecon conference being held Aug 5th - 7th at the same location.

This year's summit will headline:

WorkShop - OpenSIPS Call Center
Massive scalability (more than 25k cps)
Study Case - Distributed user location
OpenSIPS 1.11 - a new LTS (long term supported) release... [read more](/p/opensips/news/2014/07/opensips-summit-2014-chicago/)
Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-07-09 Labels: Summit training learn voip sip call center tutorials

[RELEASE] OpenSIPS 1.11.0 major beta

The OpenSIPS Project is proud to announce the release of OpenSIPS version 1.11 (beta)!

We would like to thank the OpenSIPS community for all of their hard and diligent work in making this release possible. We could never have done it without you!

Special thanks go out to Ovidiu Sas, Walter Doekes, Damien Sandrs, Nick Altmann, Brett Nemeroff, Ryan Bullock (and many others) for your amazing contribution on this release. We truly appreciate you!... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2014-03-24

[NEW] New module for Shared Call/Line Appearance

OpenSIPS devel branch is now enhanced with a new module that provides Shared Call/Line Appearance functionality:

Posted by Razvan Crainea 2013-12-17

[NEW] Dispatcher & Dynamic Routing enhancements

The Dispatcher and Dynamic Routing are now able to provide state persistence for gateways / destinations. There are 2 types of persistences :

1) OpenSIPS restart persistence - the state of a GW/destination (like active, inactive, probing) will be stored back in DB and restored during a restart. So, the state will automatically survive across restarts.

1) reload persistence - the state of a GW/destination will be survive a data reload (of course, if the destination is present in both old and new set of data). Matching (between the old and new data) is done based on the IDs of the GWs/destinations.... read more

Posted by Razvan Crainea 2013-12-16

[Release] OpenSIPS 1.10 stable release

OpenSIPS 1.10 has now become stable! Check out the new features added in the latest release:

OpenSIPS 1.10.0 is now the latest stable version released, along with older 1.9.1 and 1.8.3 LTS. All three versions are free to use in production environments.

Thank you all for your help and contributions! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Razvan Crainea 2013-09-10

[Event] OpenSIPS Summit 2013

Thanks to the effort of the OpenSIPS Software Foundation, I'm proud to announce the first edition of the OpenSIPS Summit - an event for the entire OpenSIPS community.

What is the OpenSIPS Summit?
"The OpenSIPS Summit is a conferencing event that aims to provide the necessary knowledge to understand and use OpenSIPS."

Who should attend?
"If you are looking to discover, understand and evaluate OpenSIPS, the OpenSIPS Summit is the right place to be!"... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2013-07-08

New Mathops module

Since there are several scenarios (most of them billing related) which
require floating point operations at script level, we've decided to put
together a new math operations module to handle all of them.

The *mathops *module handles floating point numbers represented as
strings at script level. Its functionalities are grouped in two categories:
-> rounding operations (trunc, ceil, floor, rounding to integers,
rounding to certain number of
decimal places, rounding to significant figures)
-> an expression evaluator (currently supports binary + - / *
operators and nested parantheses)... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2013-03-08

OpenSIPS and FreeSwitch integration

New tutorial to present the concept and implementation of a realtime integration of OpenSIPS SIP server and FreeSWITCH media server. OpenSIPS is used a SIP server, while the purpose of FreeSWITCH is to provide a full set of media services - like voicemail, conference, announcements, etc

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2013-03-01

OpenSIPS 1.9.0 stable GA release

After one month of successful beta testing, the 1.9.0 major released turned into a fully stable GA release....suitable for production usage.

Feel free to download and torture it - it will proudly do the job for you :) !

Once again, many thanks to all people who got involved in the testing, reporting and fixing during the beta stage - it was a great job:

Posted by Vladut-Stefan Paiu 2013-02-27

[NEW] DB_CACHEDB - SQL to CacheDB translation

A new *DB_CACHEDB* module has been added to OpenSIPS trunk, and it will also be present in the future 1.10 release.

The *DB_CACHEDB* module is a translator from the noSQL interface to the SQL interface - it provides the SQL API while directly operating with a noSQL engine. Thus, any OpenSIPS module that would regularily need a regular SQL-based database, will now be able to run over a NoSQL back-end, allowing for a much easier distribution and integration of the currently existing OpenSIPS modules in a distributed environment.... read more

Posted by Vladut-Stefan Paiu 2013-02-18

Drafting OpenSIPS 1.10.0 TODO list

According the the release policy (, I would like to call for a brainstorming, ideas, discussion, etc regarding what should be the roadmap for OpenSIPS 1.10 - more or less, what new goodies should be in 1.10 release (next major release).

The page is already ready ( and pre-populated with the pending items from 1.9 release plus some items from my side .... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2013-02-09

OpenSIPS 1.9.0 - a new major release is out

One more major release is out - OpenSIPS 1.9.0 Release Candidate (beta)

*OpenSIPS 1.9.0* comes with several major improvements (scripting, dialog support, TCP, Web Sockets, timers), but also with new functionalities like CacheDB Interface - CouchBase, MongoDB, Cache2SQL DNS caching, nice provisioning tool like PI_HTTP module or great helper on integration, the Event_Route module (combined with a rich set of new events from core and modules).... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2013-01-29

[NEW] MongoDB Database Driver


A new *CACHEDB_MONGODB* module has been added to OpenSIPS trunk, and it
will also be present in the future 1.9 release.

The module implements the Key-Value Interface [1] to allow the script
writer and also the module writer to connect and do Key-Value type
operations ( store,fetch,remove,counter_add,counter_sub ) on a MongoDB
The module supports both connection to a single MongoDB instance ( true
single instance or mongos ) or to a MongoDB Replica Set.... read more

Posted by Vladut-Stefan Paiu 2013-01-28

Event Interface Enhancements

The OpenSIPS Event Interface has been enhanced with script event routes and XMLRPC support, as well as new events exported by modules and core:

Posted by Razvan Crainea 2013-01-25

OpenSIPS ebootcamp

First OpenSIPS eBootcamp for 2013 to start on 25th of February -

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2013-01-25

[NEW] CouchBase Database Driver

A new CACHEDB_COUCHBASE module has been added to OpenSIPS trunk, and it will also be present in the future 1.9 release.
The module implements the Key-Value Interface [1] to allow the script writer and also the module writer to connect and do Key-Value type operations ( store,fetch,remove,counter_add,counter_sub ) on a CouchBase database.

Due to the CouchBase JSON document oriented format, the module can easily be integrated in the OpenSIPS script with the JSON module, in order to provide a wider range of functionality for the script writer.... read more

Posted by Vladut-Stefan Paiu 2013-01-24

Script enhancemets

OpenSIPS trunk (future 1.9) just got better with some awesome script

1) *Flags with name*, thanks to Liviu Chircu
Message, script and branch flags have now alphanumerical names, instead
of numerical ID (as so far). Now you can simply do:
The migration to named flags affects all flag related functions and the
module parameters used for defining flags (like flag to enable sip
tracing, etc).
This change is 100% backward compatible, but you will get some warning
about deprecation of the ID based flags.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2013-01-21


This year the OpenSIPS project will attend the FOSDEM 2013 conference with three presentations related to distributed SIP platforms, monitoring and integration topics. For more information visit:

Posted by Razvan Crainea 2013-01-21