#102 Copy AVPs from global reply route to armed reply route

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David Sanders

Currently any AVPs set in the global onreply_route are not carried into the armed (by TM module) onreply_route. Instead the TM module pulls the AVPs off of the transaction and loses any set in onreply_route.

This would be very useful since the global route is always called before the armed one, so common tasks could be pushed to the global route.

For example:

$avp(modifiedUserAgent) = $(ua{s.toupper});

Then $avp(modifiedUserAgent) could be used for the ACC module logging, without duplicating the code in each onreply_route.

I know that this could be done as a $var and then stored as an AVP in each named onreply_route, but that somewhat negates the benefit of pushing common code to the global route.


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  • This cannot be done as it breaks the logic of the routes - the global reply_route is not transaction aware, so you do not know the transaction for the current reply, so you cannot add AVPs to the transaction.