Proposal: Bit Size Bugs in OpenSIPS.

  • Hello to all members.

    I posted this proposal on Mailing List, but it looks it was forgotten. So, I am posting it again.

    In OpenSolaris project, exists a concept named Bit Size Bugs; these are small and selfcontained bugs which are easy to fix and allow to new developers to dive into code to understand and know it. These bugs are classified and defined for "owners" of modules and components.

    Would not it be useful to implement something like that in OpenSIPS? The owner of modules and components would classify bugs and improvements which they consider are easy to fix/implement, and contributors would work on them, with the sponsorship of the "owner" to implement the fixing.

    What do you think?

    Thanks in advance for your attention.

    Best regards.

    Sergio Gutierrez.

    • Hi Sergio,

      It sounds link an interesting idea that needs to be experimented. Maybe creating a new category on the tracker for such bit size bugs will be a first step - this will allow the module maintainer to label the bugs/fixes he consider to be bit size and advertise them to interested people.