#615 Failure Route on SIP 477 error (TM)

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Christian Lahme

Failure Route is not executed on a 477 or IP-Blocked error.

- t_on_failure is set
- failure_route is existing
- t_relay is always positive in an if-construct
- you may catch the 477 error inscript but not as a failure route
- Status code is always send

We expected the same behaviour as on a 408 error.


    • summary: Failure Route on SIP 477 error --> Failure Route on SIP 477 error (TM)
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bogdan_iancu
  • Hi Christian,

    Actually this case is supposed to work a bit different when you think. By design (on logical reasons), the failure route is triggered only when there is a SIP failure (transaction failed with negative reply).

    In your case, you have a different case of failure - you were actually not able to send the INVITE out, so it is a transport error. So failure route is not supposed to be triggered.

    What to do here is to use the "0x02" flag with t_relay() - see http://www.opensips.org/html/docs/modules/1.9.x/tm.html#id293413 - this will make t_relay() to return failure to script instead of sending the 477 out -> at script level you can handle the failure.


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  • BTW, the 408 is a different case - it means a timeout at sip signalling level, so the failure route is triggered in this case.


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