#558 dialplan lookups not working

Liviu Chircu
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Richard Revels

It appears that the priority value now has opposite meaning when compared to version 1.8. That is, when two or more records have the same dpid value in version 1.8 it appeared that the row with the lower value in the pr column would be looked at first. Now it appears that the higher value in the pr column is looked at first. Either way is fine but if it could be documented with the module that would be helpful.

It also appears that if the row matching the value being looked for is not the first row compared, the lookup fails. This is the same whether doing the lookup from the MI interface or in the script.


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  • Liviu Chircu
    Liviu Chircu

    Hello Ryan,

    The hashing logic has been reworked, and all the added logic (along with the former one) is now working fine. Feel free to test it out. Admittedly, I should have discovered the flaw in the logic when doing the table change in the first place.

    Liviu Chircu

  • Richard Revels
    Richard Revels

    Yep. Seems to be working perfect. Thank you.

    As far as your other comment, if you find all the problems then I would have nothing to do and would get bored. Let's not have that!

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