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#473 1.7.1 - dispatcher - options_reply_codes ignored

modules (454)

If i set for example:
modparam("dispatcher", "options_reply_codes", "501, 403")
and a gateway responds "488 Not Acceptable Here" then the gateway remains active.

So it looks to me like the "options_reply_codes" is ignored.


  • Hello,

    The options_reply_codes represent the codes that will be accepted when a gateway is in probing and it being pinged in order to get it back to the active state. So, for your example, when a GW is in probing and it replies to an Options with 200, 501 or 403, it will be marked again as active.

    In your case, do you have ds_probing_mode set to 1, so you ping all gateways ?


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  • Yes, i have ds_probing_mode set to 1.
    When i restart OpenSIPS this gateway is marked as active immediately but the gateway always responds a 488.
    Does this mean;
    - all gateways are marked active on startup and
    - a gateway that responds remains active whatever the reply code is?
    Thank in advance!

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  • Hello,

    The current behavior is :
    - in probing mode 0, GWs are probed with Options messages only when they are in the Probing state. A received 200 OK reply or one of the codes in the options_reply_codes parameter, makes the GW go back to the active state
    - in probing mode 1, all GWs are probed. Only a 408 timeout will make the GWs to be marked as disabled

    Indeed, this is a bug, as in probing mode 1, 408 and all codes other than options_reply_codes should lead to marking the GW as disabled.
    But as this implies changing the OpenSIPS behavior, I have marked this bug as belonging to the 'trunk' group and it will be fixed in the next OpenSIPS 1.8 release.


    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Hello,

    I have just committed a fix for this in trunk.