1.4.0 Released

From the Changelog:

1.4.0 - 2004/11/22

New Tutorial (~120 pages, written by Oliver Abert
CG and OpenGL Shading Language support.
Non power-of-two textures.
Texture LOD control, SGIS_generate_mipmap support.
Improved textures supports up to 16 teximages and 8 texcoords (via texgen)
Beacons for Genfuncs
Local light sources.
Material sorting via sort key.
New binary (osb) format.
3ds, SLP, DXF loader.
ProxyGroup for delayed loading and large model support.
ActiveX and Netscape plugin examples.
Integrated web server.
TextureBackground and PolygonForeground.
More efficient DrawTree handling (hierarchical culling, DrawTree node pool)
Traversal Masks for finer traversal control.
GraphOp/GraphSeq for scene optimizing.
Volume rendering.
Cluster improvements (faster sync & transfer,
connect/reconnect helper, sort-last)
Phong and Fresnel Material.
Helper for begin/endEditCP.
Helper for node/Core split creation and hiding.
Trimmed NURBS surface node.
FOX render widget.
FTGLText class, a simple wrapper around the FTGL font rendering library.


For multi threaded and cluster applications you have to call
"ChangeList::setReadWriteDefault();" before osgInit.
renamed DEPRECIATED to DEPRECATED, which seems to be more widely used.

For questions, please come and visit the user mailing list.


Dirk Reiners

Posted by Dirk Reiners 2004-11-22