#572 fr_inv_timer_avp on amd64

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Tobias Lindgren


When we compile kamailio 1.5.1 trunk on Debian Linux amd64 the fr_inv_time_avp timer cannot altered (the value of the AVP-variable has no effect on the timer) and seem stuck on something like 15 seconds. Compiling the same code in a 32bit chroot works fine, aswell as on any other standard 32bit system, where the timer is set to the value of the AVP as expected.



  • Can you run with debug=5 and attach the syslog output here?

  • Done, the config snippet looks something like this:
    modparam("tm", "fr_inv_timer_avp", "$avp(i:10)")
    $avp(i:10) = "25";

  • debug output

  • OK, i am going to check the log. thanks.

  • Just saw in your last comment that you assign a string to the avp:
    $avp(i:10) = "25";

    Should be:
    $avp(i:10) = 25;

    Can you doublecheck?

  • Any progress on this?

  • Did you check my last message? Is the timer avp integer or string value?

  • The avp-value was a string, but changing it into an integer makes no difference. On 32bit it works regardless of int or str.

  • Any news?

  • I did several tests and the timeout was ok. Here are my parameters:

    modparam("tm", "fr_timer", 15)
    modparam("tm", "fr_inv_timer", 60)
    modparam("tm", "wt_timer", 5)
    modparam("tm", "fr_inv_timer_avp", "$avp(i:120)")

    $avp(i:120) = 30;

    Can you get a ngrep trace and send it to me at: <miconda [at] gmail.com>? Thanks.

  • Sent debugs to your email.

  • Hi, did you have a chance to look at the debugs?