• Anonymous

    hello i need to sort the output twice is it possible...

    first i need to sort with host so that i can collapse with host and

    second with score so that it will be an ordered with relavency...

    is it possible or the

    one result per host has been done....

  • Hi. Yes you can.

    1. Go to the query tab panel.
    2. Load your search template (push the load button after selecting the name of your template)
    3. Go to the "sort" sub tab panel.
    4. Add "Host" to the sort field list (descendant or ascendent)
    5. Add "Score" to the sort field list (descendant keeps the relevance).
    6. Save your search template (push the save button).

    By now, we have no plan to implement a collapsing "one result per host". If
    you are interested, let us know by creating a new feature ticket. You can do
    that here: