Cluster function?

  • Oskar

    Hello again!

    I noticed that there now are two newer tabs called "Replication" and
    "Privilegies". Can I in some way use them to speed up the crawling/indexing
    process by adding another computer/serveral other computers? Is it for example
    possible to run one crawler on each computer that shares the same index?

    Again, great software!

    Best Regards


  • At this time, the replication feature lets you separate the crawl process from
    user's queries. This is usually not a good idea (poor performances) to use the
    same instance for both index building and user query answers.

    After adding a replication item, the Web crawler is able to copy the index
    after each crawl session. It is a file copy, managed by OpenSearchServer. When
    the index is copied, the target instance is updated silently (without
    restarting OSS).

    The distributed index is part of the next enterprise version of OpenSearchServer.

    Thank you again for your support !