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Anders Widell
OpenSAF 4.2.4 (released 2013-08-02)

    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

    * amfnd: issue callback to healthy components when fault occurs in quiescing state [#492]
    * amfnd: mark CSI state assigning for quiesced SI in comp restart recovery [#491]
    * amfnd: report failover after comp cleanup [#474]
    * plm: fix build errors from gcc version > 4.6 [#527]
    * dtm: Don't use NULL pointers or uninitialized data in error paths [#526]
    * osaf: setup sudo for killall cmd and enable amfwdog to use killall as non-root user [#451]
    * clm: lookup with node_name as key when node lockcallback timesout #[227]
    * osaf: remove sleep in amf terminatecallback of cpnd, glnd, immnd, mqnd, smfnd to enable amf-adm comp restart [#501]
    * cpsv: corrected the out of mem issue check of nref_info & cref_info part of ticket [#479]
    * cpsv: create non-collocated replica Imm run-time object maximum on 3 node [#479]
    * amfd: update assignment counters when component faults during shutdown op [#307]
    * fm: fix incompatible enum comparison error in #438
    * amfd: convert NO_REC recovery to COMP_FAILOVER in CCB modify op [#480]
    * fm: set rda role when failover is trigerred in the middle of switchover [#438]
    * amfd: Reset swap_switch if failover happens [#483]
    * amf: Resequence logs during si-swap of safSi=SC-2N,safApp=OpenSAF [#513]
    * amfnd: Don't execute terminate command for uninstantiated component [#485]
    * IMMTOOLS: fix handle finalize in immutil.c [#508]
    * leap: fix mapping of memory protection flags for mmap [#288]
    * amfnd: Ignore assignments at OPENSAF SHUTDOWN
    * amfnd: set SU DISABLED at TERM-FAILED [#481]
    * osaf: create threads in detached state: [#287]
    * smfd: campaign reexecution possible [476]
    * amfnd: fix admin comp restart to terminate [#7]
    * osaf: update nodeinit.conf softlink during rpm -Uvh [281]
    * amfnd: set SU DISABLED at TERM-FAILED [#301]
    * uml: Update to linux 3.9.5, busybox 1.21.0, tipcutils 2.0.3 [#304]
    * dtm: check both duplicate node_id & node_ip [#236]
    * pyosaf: fix saAmfInitialize_4 [#446]
    * amf: allow modify of CSI attrs without locking SI [#353]
    * dtm: set TCP socket option TCP_NODELAY [#273]
    * amfnd: remove premature nid response (#45)
    * Amf: fix node failover on controller [#222]
    * dtm: call opensaf_reboot script instead of sourcing it (#43)
    * dtm: change assert to osafassert (#43)
    * cpsv: verify num users  before deleting non-collocated replicas (#161)
    * dtm: skip send to non connected nodes (#43)
    * avsv: allow two SUs on same node in nwayactive (#3066)
    * immtest: add tests for SA_IMM_PARAM_ADMOP_NAME as first parameter in admin operation invocation (#3138)
    * immsv: fix parameter position problem of operation name in admin operations (#3138)
    * leap: remove the assert in sysf_ipc:367
    * immtools:Printing the status for all the merge cases(#2)
    * Amf: Add validation during Sg and Su admin operation (#3117)
    * Amf: Instantiate SU as per configured saAmfSGNumPrefInserviceSUs (#2794)
    * opensaftools: Fix diffstat generated by review script [#3]
    * opensaf: print opensaf release/version during startup (#2016)
    * mds: Used file status flag F_SETFL to set O_NONBLOCK option (#3116)
    * nid: Ignoring SIGPIPE before exec of clc script (#2797)
    * mds:Code and README cleanup to make UNIX as default transport for intranode(tcp)(#3067)
    * Amf: Return Try Again for Middleware SI Swap admin op when controller role switch under progress (#3133)
    * mds: Fixed valgrind detected errors & mem leaks in dtmd (tcp)(#3113)
    * mds: Update the mds library & dtmd Traces with strerror(errno) (#2707)
    * mds: Fixed the duplicate discovery of new node (tcp)(#2707)


News: 2013/08/opensaf-424-and-431-release-announcement