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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Creator Created Updated Type Component Version Priority
1365 amfd: accesses null pointer during node failover 4.5.2 fixed Nagendra Kumar Nagendra Kumar 2015-05-04 2015-05-06 defect amf 4.4 minor  
539 AMF: support for changing comp/hc-type attributes 4.4.RC1 fixed Hans Feldt Hans Feldt 2013-08-09 2014-05-12 enhancement amf 4.2 major  
398 AMF internal HA issues future unassigned Nagendra Kumar 2013-05-31 2015-02-10 defect amf 4.2.0 major  
327 amf: OpenSAF environment variables inherited by AMF started processes future unassigned Praveen 2013-05-24 2013-05-24 defect amf major  
277 amf :AMF can not handle commands with more than 10 arguments. future unassigned Praveen 2013-05-20 2013-05-20 defect amf 4.2.0 minor  
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