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Created Updated Type Component Version Priority
1257 amfd: issue with node/su lock and unlock operation. 4.6.FC unassigned Praveen 1 day ago 1 day ago defect amf major  
1256 IMM: Update immsv/README to reflect all enhancements done in 4.6 4.6.FC accepted Anders Bjornerstedt Anders Bjornerstedt 2 days ago 2 days ago defect imm major  
1255 imm : IMMND is exited when CCB object create timeout happens 4.6.FC accepted Neelakanta Reddy Neelakanta Reddy 7 days ago 7 days ago defect imm default minor  
1254 NTF: ntfsend; Add possibility to insert additional info (option) 4.6.FC unassigned elunlen 2015-02-19 2015-02-19 enhancement ntf major  
1253 smfd: all rc not taken care of in routine SmfProcedureThread::updateImmAttr 4.6.FC unassigned Ingvar Bergström 2015-02-16 3 days ago defect smf 4.6 major  
1251 In 2n model, saAmfSGNumPrefInserviceSUs doesn't instantiate SUs as per default value when unset. 4.6.FC unassigned Syed Shareef Ali 2015-02-09 2015-02-09 defect amf major  
1246 mds: sending a bigger message causing mds application segfault if task/thread created Medium/less stack size 4.6.FC accepted A V Mahesh (AVM) A V Mahesh (AVM) 2015-01-27 2015-02-10 enhancement mds minor  
1242 LOG: Incorrect error return in filehandling function 4.6.FC accepted elunlen elunlen 2015-01-21 2015-01-21 defect unknown major  
1240 SU1 comp doesn't got the active callback during csi-csi dep scenerio. 4.6.FC review Praveen Syed Shareef Ali 2015-01-09 2015-01-20 defect amf default major  
1238 AMF director crashed during runtime modification of attributes to "" value 4.6.FC review Praveen Syed Shareef Ali 2015-01-02 2015-01-23 defect amf default major  
1237 Lock of SU having PI and NPI component fail with timeout. 4.4.2 review Praveen Syed Shareef Ali 2015-01-02 2015-01-06 defect amf major  
1235 NodeGroup shutdown Admin op to support parallel admin shutdown and admin lock on multiple nodes 4.6.FC accepted Praveen Mathi Naickan 2014-12-10 2 days ago enhancement amf major  
1234 middleware services to respond to CSI setcallback only after they are ready to provide service 5.0 assigned Mathi Naickan Mathi Naickan 2014-12-10 2014-12-10 enhancement osaf major  
1229 Enhanced controller failover handling and split brain avoidance by interpreting cluster topology information 5.0 assigned Mathi Naickan Mathi Naickan 2014-12-03 2014-12-03 enhancement osaf major  
1228 Track cluster topology information (from TIPC/TCP) and provide a query interface 5.0 assigned A V Mahesh (AVM) Mathi Naickan 2014-12-03 2014-12-05 enhancement osaf major  
1225 smf: change cardinality in SAI-AIS-SMF-UCS schema 5.0 unassigned Ingvar Bergström 2014-12-02 2014-12-02 enhancement smf minor  
1224 ckpd: enhanced trace log and check of user parameters 5.0 assigned A V Mahesh (AVM) Ingvar Bergström 2014-12-02 2014-12-03 enhancement ckpt 4.5 major  
1223 pyosaf: add immom package (from opensaf-tools) 4.6.FC assigned Mathi Naickan Hans Feldt 2014-11-28 2014-12-03 defect pyosaf minor  
1218 Incorporate SAM command line tool into opensaf repository 5.0 accepted Mathi Naickan Mathi Naickan 2014-11-19 2014-11-19 enhancement osaf 4.5 major  
1212 Clm: rt object update must also honour ERR_NO_RESOURCE 4.6.FC unassigned Neelakanta Reddy 2014-11-13 2014-11-13 defect unknown 4.5 major  
1210 AMF: amfd crashes when setting saAmfSGMaxActiveSIsperSU to "" 4.4.2 review Praveen Quyen Dao 2014-11-13 2014-11-20 defect amf 4.5.0 minor  
1209 IMM: OI callback timer should be restored after a ccb-augment is closed future unassigned Anders Bjornerstedt 2014-11-11 2014-11-11 enhancement imm 4.0 major  
1208 IMM: Update README clarifying that augmented CCBs must be kept pure 4.4.2 accepted Anders Bjornerstedt Anders Bjornerstedt 2014-11-11 2 days ago defect imm major  
1200 immtools: add support for saImmOmCcbValidate and saImmOmCcbAbort 4.6.FC assigned Hung Nguyen Zoran Milinkovic 2014-11-04 20 hours ago enhancement imm major  
1195 clm: no retry mechanism in sendStateChangeNotificationClms() function 4.6.FC accepted Mathi Naickan Robert Apanowicz 2014-10-29 2015-02-17 defect clm default major  
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