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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Component
864 campaign fails due to a failed admin op on SC-1 in NWAY model future unassigned amf  
863 payload su is not instantiated as part of unlock-in/unlock future unassigned amf  
862 IMM: adjust constants for bigger MDS messages future unassigned imm  
861 IMMTOOLS: parsing default values in immcfg is not backward compatible 4.4.1 accepted Zoran Milinkovic imm  
860 AMF: send notifications about sync status future unassigned amf  
859 dependent assignments are not removed after lock of sg with comp faults future unassigned amf  
858 su is in wrong state of IN-SERVICE and UNINSTANTIATED future unassigned amf  
857 LOG: not possibility to specify a log record size of 0 for app streams 4.3.3 assigned Mathi Naickan log  
856 amf: Unlock of NPI SU hangs. 4.3.3 review Praveen amf  
855 immnd crash on payload node 4.3.3 assigned Anders Bjornerstedt imm  
854 Two SUs are uninstantiated/OOS though PrefInServiceSus=4 out of 5 future unassigned amf  
853 Few SUSI assignments stuck in quiesced state future unassigned amf  
852 Opensaf 4.3 SP2 doesnot compile for 32bit. 4.3.3 review Mathi Naickan log  
851 MDS: use TIPC multicast future unassigned mds  
850 sg not in stable state future unassigned amf  
849 AMF: some model validation is wrong future unassigned amf  
848 OpenSAF: include ETF files for all AMF components 4.5.FC unassigned osaf  
845 build: Support building outside the source tree directory future unassigned build  
842 IMM: Additional upgrade flag (noStdFlags) needed for OpenSAF 4.5 4.5.FC assigned Anders Bjornerstedt imm  
840 IMM: immcfg --class-name ... --enable-attr-notify does not work on 2PBE 4.4.1 assigned Neelakanta Reddy imm  
839 saflogger command fails with TRYAGAIN in streamOpen 4.3.3 review Mathi Naickan log  
838 OSAF: OpenSAF failes to compile with 32-bit compilers 4.3.3 review Zoran Milinkovic osaf  
837 ntfsv: Service don't handle TRY AGAIN when using saLogWriteLogAsync() API 4.5.FC unassigned elunlen ntf  
836 base: Add C++ utility functions 4.5.FC unassigned base  
833 MDS: possibility to change mds_tipc_prefix in runtime 4.5.FC unassigned mds  
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