rendering openPRT with py-reportlab (w/o QT)

  • Hi,

    for my project[1] ( I use a print templating based on the xml saved from OpenRPT (great project!).

    The PyPaPi server has not a X-system with QT, so I have writed a small python xml processor that compose a pdf canvas using the reportlab python library (

    For now it implement single header and footer, label, field, line, but not images and barcode.

    The main code of this "layer" is here:\*checkout*/pypapi/client/

    And some other information (italian) here:

    In future I intend to expand this "wrapper", maybe in a separate project from PyPaPi.

    bye, and good job!
    Tiziano Lattisi

    [¹] a Italian software for the Public Municipality