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port to Qt4

  • Estagus

    Can you make it?

    • Ned Lilly
      Ned Lilly

      We are working on it even now :)


    • Estagus

      Gooooooooood :)))
      What is a porting percentage? Average...
      80%++ :) Maybe more?

      • Ned Lilly
        Ned Lilly

        Sorry, don't quite understand what you mean?

    • Nox P@sNox
      Nox P@sNox


      First, thanks for the good OpenRPT !
      Have you an approximative date for the Qt 4 Port ?! or can you tell about the state of the port.

      Rregars, Nox

    • Peter Nice
      Peter Nice

      Need help with the port?  I just finished a bunch of Qt training and need to get a 3->4 port under my belt.

    • Ned Lilly
      Ned Lilly

      Peter, sorry, didn't see your note until today.  As it happens, we're just about done - and will be uploading sources next week.  We could definitely use another set of eyeballs on it, though - Chris, could you post a high-level overview of what we had to tweak?

    • Chris Ryan
      Chris Ryan

      We have made available as 2.0alpha the source for the Qt4 conversion as it stands to date. Currently it uses the Qt3support library and still needs work to make it 100% Qt4. At this point though it compiles and works.

      Most of the conversion so far was changing the way STL templates were traversed and alot of other minor changes to get the code compile. One big hurdle was encountered with the way OpenRPT writer application handled it's MDI interface and resizing of widgets that I was able to pound out and get working through a number of changes to newer Qt4 code or by utilizing different singl/slots and the like.

      We will make the code available via CVS as soon as possible. Until then the source is downloadable. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated and there is still alot of work to do to make it 100% Qt4 code.