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Problems about openRPT...

  • ogcio

    Dear Sir/Madam,

       I have the following questions:

    1. when I try to load a local .xml file, I found that I cannot open it by running OpenRPT.exe which is version 1.2.0. Could you mind sending/upload me a sample file that can be run?

    2. In fact, I would like to know is it necessary to use openRPT together with openMFG? Because I saw your guideline on p.43 (Loading report from database), you have mentioned to load database from openMFG.

    3. I also want to know more about the latest verion of openRPT 2.0, is there any version that can be installed in Window environment? Because I have downloaded the latest version and extracted it and there is no .exe file for me to run the program..

    Thank you very much !


    • Ned Lilly
      Ned Lilly


      You do not need OpenMFG to run the standalone OpenRPT.  We will have final 2.0 binaries available soon - in the meantime, there are sources if you would like to try to build yourself.  Please see the notes on the 2.0 files.

      As for an XML file, that wouldn't really work, because it would need to have information that was meaningful for your individual database.  Have you read the PDF documentation (available in the downloads section)?