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OpenRPG 0.7a Released!

I know I promised a beta version with this release, but I still consider 0.7 an alpha. Since the last release, I've gotten a ton of suggestions, and I won't call any release a beta until I can integrate some of those great ideas into OpenRPG. So, enjoy alpha release 0.7a.

What's New in 0.7a:

Windows Install:
I've created a Windows install program for OpenRPG. This should help newbies get started a lot quicker. No more WinZip!

Faster XML Parser:
One of the best improvements of version 0.7 is a new custom coded xml engine. The new xml engine parses xml files 10-20 times faster! Users should see a significant improvement in add-on load times.

New Node Applets:
In 0.7 we improved all the current node applets, the mini programs in the game tree, and added a few new ones, including a customizable grid.

Save as HTML:
All nodes in the game tree can be save as HTML for web publishing and printing. I have also added a printing feature in the HTML windows of OpenRPG.

Improved Die Roller:
The new die roller, nickname pyroller, can include any mathematical functions present in python, including >, <, >=, <=, %, ( ), sin, abs, etc... So, in 0.7, the following die rolls will work:

[2d4 > 5] will return success or failure.

New Install Tool:
I created an install tool for easy installation of add-ons, patches, and other miscellaneous files. In theory, you won't have to run another OpenRPG setup program.

An updated d20 Character Tool:
The d20 Character Tool is about %70 complete.

Posted by chris davis 2000-12-29