problem with login


  • Anonymous

    I am setting up a new Openroom install to test out the LDAP functionality.  I got everything installed and got all green on the install script.  Entered my LDAP information in configuration.php.  However, when I go to the login page and enter my credentials, nothing happens when I click the login button. 

    This install is on RHEL running Apache.

    Any idea why this might happen?

    Any idea why this would happen?

  • I am having this issue as well. I have tried to log in both before and after following the steps taken in this topic (, as we also must use secure LDAP connections. I have also tried suppressing warnings/errors as mentioned in the installation guide to no avail. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • I got this sorted out and wanted to share the solution. I forgot to install the php-ldap module! Once I got it installed, things started working again.